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The Eritrean Forums Online are many. But those Eritrean forums on the internet lack the socialist orientation we need to get all of the mass educated and be responsible to build modern civilized socialist state.

Most of the people have in common, either ethnical and tribal orientation or sectarian and religious orientation in a modern time where these issues are invalid in politics. No one can bring life back, people. The history remains history and the beautiful history begins "tomorrow".

In reverse, the Eritrean forums on the Horn of Africa's Network intend to open serious political discussions oriented on a solid socialist base and motivate the mass, so they could take some cultural activities to create a cult of socialism.

The Eritrean forums online on the HOA Political Scene network are not like the traditional forums you see online, where they are all, almost created for chatting. These are new technically built-in forums for serious political discussions and they have different tools to carry this job.

They are simple forums that begin with sophisticated forms for serious contribution. The forms have some techniques to send contributors notifications about their contribution and replies to their contribution and some ways to block any spam.

Contribution to the main Eritrean forum online makes the other Eritrean political, economical and cultural forums. However, the HOAs Cultural Project leads also to the Eritrean cultural forums, as Eritrean cultural inputs on that page go to the Eritrean cultural forums.

This is very technical and very professional method the C 2.0 implements on this network to make different modern and unprecedented forums and thus they follow such precept.

So, the Eritrean forums online make the primary site map 3 C  on the HOA's network. The primary site maps on Eritrea are at the following pages:

The primary site map 3 A, Eritrea.

The primary site map 3 B, Eritrean Political Articles.

The primary site map 3 C, Eritrean Forums Online.

The primary site map 3 D, Eritreans Write Online.

The primary site map 3 E, Eritreans Love Commentaries.

The primary site map 3 F, Eritrean Political Comments.

The primary site map 3 G, Eritrean Humanitarian Topics.

The secondary site map 13 B, Eritrean Refugees.

The secondary site map 17, Write about Eritrea.

Most of the political articles and commentaries fall on those mentioned Eritrean site maps to reorganize this network and make it convenient for browsing Eritrean topics by categories.

However, the Eritrean cultural topics, readers and I write on this network and cultural entries through the forms at HOA's Cultural Project, HOA's Journalist Project, HOA's Poets Project and HOA's Poets Bookshop would appear in special Eritrean Cultural Forums to build the Eritrean site map 3 H.

We intend to open for sophisticate Eritrean culture to enhance our political understanding to the challenges Eritrea faces on the long run to democracy, justice and prosperity.

In addition, the Eritrean Economical Forums would follow to maintain and support this socialist network, create good political awareness and make good Eritrean vision. In this direction, the Eritrean forums online started to get some economical entries. Thanks to contributors.

There are already many articles and commentaries on those Eritrean forums online here, all of which you can read and interact with commentators by replying to them through the pages where those entries fall.

We don't have hard censorship in the Eritrean forums online. However, as mentioned above, those Eritrean forums online are socialist forums. That means, priority is given always to such oriented entries.

Moreover, building good and socialist oriented vision in Eritrea or on the other countries in the Horn of Africa is the principle goal of this network.

Some of the Entries in the Eritrean Forums Online!

Wars in the Horn of Africa Create Complicated Future - Omer Abbas wrote the wars in the Horn of Africa and specially the late war between Ethiopia and Eritrea have created complicated future in the area.

He explains that the late war has also prevented the implication of the goals of both, the Ethiopian revolution led by the TPLF and the Eritrean revolution led by the EPLF. This entry in the Eritrean forums online needs more highlights. Why not share your political views on the topic?

Eritrean Compulsory Military Service - Admin wrote the compulsory military service in Eritrea does not need the word compulsory, because it is not compulsory in the Eritrean case. That is because the Eritrean people are aware of the dangers their state faces from the west of the country and from the south of the country.

Eritrean Compulsory Military Service - Comments - The comment on this entry says that the Eritrean mass do not need the compulsory military services, because it is a duty.

The Eritrean stories we have since the first liberation days prove that they do not need the compulsory service because the Eritrean struggle tells us about the heroic epics of the Eritrean people, especially those who fled their towns in the past to join the Eritrean revolution.

So, why is the compulsory service?

This entry in the Eritrean forums online, however needs more contributions.

Eritrean Exodus - Anonymous concerned about the safety of his family in Eritrea, as he wrote, says millions of Eritreans fled the country during the Ethiopian colonization and more still do escape the harsh living conditions in the country.

Eritrean Exodus - Comments - Admin replied to the entry to correct his understanding to the history of Eritrea and the history of Ethiopia, referring to his book, "Political Tragedy of the Horn of Africa" at Lulu.

He pointed out how some Ethiopian legendary stories have no factual proofs in the 21st century. The writer of the first entry agreed to this historical view.

Eritrean Views on Late Popular Uprising - Anonymous from Asmara wrote citing the Eritrean Profile, the Eritrean English newspaper about the official Eritrean views on the popular uprising in north Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East and at the south of the Arabian Peninsula.

External Interference in HOA - Anonymous from Asmara cited the Eritrean President “the situation in our region and security in the Red Sea zone, the Gulf of Aden and the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean in particular cannot be viewed in isolation from the prevailing state of international affairs”.

The two entries in the Eritrean forums online above have not enough follow up. You are invited to contribute and reply to the two posts.

Eritrean Opposition - Mohammed A/Haj asked many questions in his entry here. He wrote at the same time that the Eritrean opposition has no national grounds and they follow some conspiracies against their national soil.

This entry in the Eritrean forums online requires more replies. See the questions and let us know if you could answer any of them.

Eritrea Still Rejects Kenyan Accusations - Anonymous from Asmara wrote the accusation against Eritrea by the Kenyan government alleging “Eritrea sent three aircrafts carrying weapons to Baidoa” has no grounds.

Eritrea Still Rejects Kenyan Accusations - Comments - The entry about the Kenyan accusation to Eritrea above brought many commentaries on the Eritrean forums online. Admin advised that it is necessary for good posts to enter the commentator name and explained that the rights to privacy is top priority in the HOA Political Scene Blog.

Tesfai Gbre Maryam replied to the entry saying that threats imposed against a sovereign states in the regional area are wrong and the Eritrean thoughts go no way further than the Eritrean territories.

Anonymous doesn't agree with the entry and urged that the erupted Somalia is far from Eritrea and it has no borders with Eritrea. So, there are no direct threats on Eritrea from foreign troops in Somalia, he explained.

Wad Sheikh said, Eritrea is innocent and he cited Matt Bryden, the coordinator of the United Nations Monitoring Group, "reports show no fights have taken place at the time specified".

Another anonymous cited the United Kingdom Telegraph while reporting the Ethiopian accusation to Eritrea of waging what they call a proxy war in the Horn of Africa and kidnapping some European tourists during their tour in the Afar desert.

He asked who really wages a proxy war? Could you answer this question in the Eritrean forums online?

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