Horn Africas Political Tragedy In An iBook!

The Horn Africas Political Tragedy is uncovered in an iBook for you to get in the know and to get to your home library, when it becomes a hardcover book. Get the Horn of Africa's Political Tragedy book down from the iTunes. Why? Read below.

You'll learn through it how the political events develops in the Horn of Africa and East Africa. The political analyses through history up to this moment are good to know, no matter what your interests are.

It is absolutely good for new media journalists to take the backbone of the political development, as it is good for political science employees, whether they are professors, or students. It is also good for  the new media, human rights activists and international diplomatic channels.

Most of all, you will be supporting some public humanitarian projects in Sudan. From there, we move to other states in the Horn of Africa.

The Horn Africas Political Tragedy is Unique!

So, what makes the "Political Tragedy of the Horn of Africa" interesting to the mentioned resources, is in fact more than the political analyses. It has information we consider rare, or unique and have never been published before, at the time where the book first published as serials on the Eritrean official newspaper "Haddath Eritrea".

If you found any of the information, except off course those on the footnotes, published anywhere, you are welcome to report that through the comments form on this page, and write good information about the source of the information, the date published, the address and the phone numbers, if found. Thank you.

The author is sure about the fact on the first paragraph above, as he was journalist in the area and he has already worked some projects, such as the Environment and the Environment Protection, while he was working with some of the decision making circles.

During the time, he influenced many political activities in the area, sharing and leading the public through his own creation of some public projects, as mentioned on the two links above and on Asmara, Eritrean Anecdotes, Eritrean Chronicle and Eritrean Stories

Horn Africas Political Tragedy in Arabic!

It is more interested the new version of the Horn of Africa's Political Tragedy in Arabic is NOW on iTunes... just to say it's available on iBooks on Mac, iPhones and iPads.

With 3 other iBooks, this version is planned to support some fundamental projects in Sudan first, and then Eritrea and Ethiopia. The projects are added to some other project in the Horn Africas Network and is included therefore with the HOAs Comprehensive Projects.

Naming the projects, we go together to read the specifications of the entire projects at HOAs Journalists, HOAs Journalists Project, HOAs Poets, HOAs Poets Project, HOAs Refugees, HOAs Refugees ProjectSquadron of Poets and USHA Project along with the United States of the Horn of Africa.

One of the 3 books is free and it is a poetry picture book titled "Rising Phoenix Picture Book". One of the books is a collection of poetry titled "Rising of the Phoenix", and the second is the surrealistic prose "Love in the Internet Time". See the right column.

ترجيديا القرن الإفريقي السياسية باللغة العربية

‫"‬تراجيديا القرن الإفريقي السياسية" هو كتاب يشمل تحليلا تاريخيا وتحليلا للتطورات السياسية في العصر الحديث وحتي اليوم للصحفي السوداني خالد محمد عثمان علي ال iTunes و Apple‪'‬s AppStore‪...‬ يأتي الكتاب في هذ النسخة الإلكترونية لتحميله علي الايفون او التابلت او الماك او اي جهاز يستقبل منشورات ال iBooks‪.‬ عند حصولك علي هذه النسخة فأنت تدعم مشروعات سودانية وطنية.

في هذه السلسلة من الدعم نتحرك لدعم مشروعات انسانية ووطنية أخري في القرن الإفريقي.

يتمّ هذا المشروع في إطار: حملة ١٠٠٠ كتاب لدعم مشروعات سودانية وطنية

  • اشترِ الكتاب
  • اعمل ريتنغ ٥ نجوم
  • اعمل تشيير واسع
  • في السوشال والايميل












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