Khartoum State Government Demolished Soba Church and Arrested Two Pastors

by Admin

The Khartoum State government carried out its ongoing campaign against the Sudanese Christians, which has been a major practice since the separation of the South Sudan in 2011 and sent its bulldozers to destruct the church of Soba Al Aradi.

The new dangerous development occurred on the Sunday of May 7, 2017 during the gathering of the Sudanese Church of Christ congregation. As if that’s not enough, the Sudanese Military Religious Regime also arrested two of the destroyed church’s pastors, Paul Salah and Naji Abdullah.

The International Solidarity Campaign with Sudanese Christians said in a statement, ’The government of Sudan had announced three months ago that they will demolish more other 27 churches and that has started in fact today', said an eyewitness.

The Solidarity Campaign with Sudanese Christians appeals upon the Sudanese people, the political forces and faithful christians all over the world to stand against the policies of the sudanese government, which aim at the demolishing of churches in Sudan, specially the 27 targeted churches.

Sudanese christians are suffering because their freedom of worship is severely violated, in addition to taking pastors into custody, and the confiscation of church properties. The aggressive scheme that aims at the destruction of worship places contradicts a genuine right of worship.

Therefore we appeal to the international community, human rights organizations, other humanitarian network and free-world governments to intervene quickly to protect sudanese Christians from the destructive campaign carried out by the corrupt islamic extremist regime of Khartoum.

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* Khartoum Regime Plans to Destroy 27 Churches in Khartoum! Stop It.

* The Totalitarian Regime in Sudan Plans to Destroy 27 Churches in Khartoum!

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