No Environment Protection in Sudan!

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Floods Sudan

Floods Sudan

There is no environment protection in Sudan. Since 1989, the environment in the biggest country in Africa has deteriorated badly in the north, central Sudan and the other regions.

Although the political power and wealth are centred in the central Sudan (and central here does not mean the north), the treasury of the country has been used badly by gamblers militants in power and gamblers sectarian leaders towards fuelling the wars in the south, the Nuba Mountains and lately in the Darfur regions.

The natural disasters and especially the floods in the center, east and north of Sudan have damaged many areas in these localities and disturbed the residents.

The infrastructure of these regions is weak and the executives misused the money spent on building this infrastructure. Corruption escalates while the people feel exhausted.

The floods in the north affected many thousands of people. From Dungola to Shendi hundred of thousands of people have faced the disasters alone.

The late flood in Shendi makes it clear that the north is one of the important parts of the country that the military religious regime neglects.

Shendi's Flood Woe Proves the Entire Sudan's Woe.

Shendi, Northern Sudan, Flood in Pictures 1.

Shendi, North Sudan, Flood in Pictures 2.

North Sudan, Shendi, Flood in Pictures 3.

It is Time for Farces to Have Fun in Sudan!

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