Sufferance of Ethiopian Welkayit Tegedei People Refugees!

by Morning Light

First, I would like to introduce myself. I'm an Ethiopian refugee living in Khartoum, Sudan. I was born in 1993 A.D in Sudan. I'm from the Welkayit Twigged people. And I'm proud of being from such brave people who love their country than themselves.

As you know my dear colleague that there was a strict impact between the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Opposition Forces (OF) (especially the WT people). So when the Tigray People's Liberation Front led aggressive offence on our land (Welkayit/Gondar) they use power to conquer that earth for no reason.

There was a fierce war between the TPLF & OF. My country people didn't handed over easily, they stand firm supporting each other to protect their own homeland. But unfortunately they didn't succeed because of the TPLF use of advanced military tools like, KE 49 guns, Panzer, Bombs, etc...

But my country people use only swords, sticks and some few guns. Despite that they couldn't succeed at these battles, but they believe that they will in the future. So after the Tigray people have conquered our homeland, they forced us to work in the fields for nothing.

And continued to rape and force children, women & even man as well as old people into slavery jobs. They continued to kill anybody who stands against them. They continued to hung or shoot immediately anyone suspected.

The people of Welkayit Tegedei could not bear this sufferance, so they decided secretely to form a social council to return their homeland and honor. But, unlucky they could not succeed in this too. The TPLF invasion was successful and so the people of Welkayit tegedei were badly treated by the TPLF forces.

So they were not able to give their opinion or to move as they like to anywhere. So the WP decided to exile to secure country to secure safe life to their children and themselves. They immigrate to Sudan, and asked the Sudanese government to grant them a permission to settle in Sudan.

They escaped from Gondar at night, without informing the TPLF because as I said if the WP people asked the TPLF to give them any permission they will fire them soon. They escaped to the Sudanese borders first. Then when the TPLF heard this news from the Sudanese government they were very angry of us, so they ordered us not to get back to Gondar / Ethiopian again.

The one who gets back will be shoot, and that means going without returning. So this the reason why the Ethiopian people become refugees in all over the world. In Canada, Australia, America, Israel, Sudan, Dubai, Emirate, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc... there are a lot of Ethiopian.

The people of Welkayit Tegedei were well treated by the Sudanese government until 2001. In 2002 the Sudanese government began to arrest some of the Welkayit Tegedei people and sent them to TPLF to be killed for no reasons. And this action still exists until this time and it will continue, if there is no help from the UN.

Besides, the UNHCR played a great role in helping the Ethiopian refugees to get in peace by sending them out side Sudan. The UNHCR is also in on going process assisting the Ethiopian refugees. For me my dad and mom we are one family of the refugees who escaped from Gondar to save my life and my brothers and sisters.

Until now we are in Khartoum Sudan. We are waiting for help from the UNHCR, but there is no any result from them until now. So, I hope that this story will make you understand why do the WP become refugees in all over the world.

Sudan is once again implementing measures that are negatively affecting the status of Ethiopian refugees and may end up by facilitating their deportation. It is to be noted that Sudan has in the past deported several refugees and one of them called Azanaw Demile has disappeared while another elder Atanaw Wassie has died in detention & many still find themselves in Kaliti and other prisons.

Sudan has now practically erased the status of refugees and ordered all recognized refugees to return their IDs & to take a new one which designates all of them as Asylum Seekers. This is a blatant violation of the rights of refugees.

The Sudanese government has no rights to revoke en masse the status of refugees & to declare them all asylum seekers. Many are those who declare that this ploy is intended to facilitate & justify deportations that are sought by the Meles Zenawi regime.

Ethiopian refugees in the Sudan are in grave danger and SOCEPP calls on Ethiopians and others to mobilize to denounce the illegal action of the Sudanese government. SOCEPP also calls on the UNHCR to raise its voice against this measure that arbitrarily deprives the refugees of their status.

INJUSTICE. And there are some of my relatives those were killed by the TPLF for no reasons. Anyway, there is prophecy says there will come a day when the people of Welkayit Tegedei will be gathering together & will return their lost homeland. Thank you very much.

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