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Jul 01, 2016
Facts Worth Reading and Studying!
by: Khalid

Control your feelings about something and write facts not myths.

Read international writers who wrote about the Horn of Africa and you will know exactly how the emperors of Ethiopia stole other people lands and annexed many lands.

Read the agreements signed with the colonial powers and why they have chosen Haile Selassie and why he was not the legal heir of the throne (to become emperor), but Iyasu ibn Mohammed Ali.

He was eliminated due to dwarfism and incorrect accusation, or allegations of becoming a Muslim, although he was originally a Muslim according to his father. His mother was Menelik's daughter, Woizero Shoaregga.

That shows there were Ethiopia operations using the locust invasion to expand from the central heights through which Muslims are converted to Christianity and other lands like Tigray was conquered, although they are Christian.

Yes, the first country to fight (not the colonizing powers) but only Italy over Eritrea. The problem was that Ethiopia wanted to control Eritrea and you can find this in many resources.

Other colonizing powers preferred to help Ethiopia to expand. They helped her through the Somali land to get to the sea. Even for example a power like France wanted to give Djibouti to Ethiopia at that time, when the French were working in consultation of Menelik and even building and designing his bedroom. This fact is in many resources.

Most of the people just hear things like these and believe them. They don't read positively in history to understand history by a well-focused socialist mind.

Many African countries fought clonization, not only Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a great power, indeed when it looks to facts from a socialist mentality that works for the benefits of the poor people in the country where poverty rules for decades, because we just keep that history (forged history) in front of us and forget to get things done as the people want.

Jul 01, 2016
Please Write Good to Understand You!
by: Khalid

I didn't understand some of your lines. You write exactly like one of the best contributors to the Horn Africa's Network called Ankidu Debaba.

He always writes the Horn of Africa like this "horn of Africa", ALTHOUGH he knows how to write names in capital letters. Names start by CAPITAL letters.

So, here are some advices to write very good:

  • First words in every sentence begin with capital letter.

  • In the title: "Every Word Begins with Capital", like this in the quotation.

  • Write short sentences in short paragraphs to help people read you.

  • Always, check spelling mistakes before you hit the "submit" button.

Jun 29, 2016
Lack of Ancient Paradigm Fights Own History!
by: Anonymous

Yes, it is difficult to convince each other. A materialistic vew religious is an illusions.
It was no mistakes all horn of African were Ethiopia and and many countries seds from became indpendant country. The great Ethiopia today a potent Ethiopia remain at central highlands.
The original name is still alive. Kush is not only Ethiopia, all horn of Africans are kush. But the decedent history primary resources are alive in Ethiopia because of it's resistant to colonist preserve the ancient documents .concerning Empire menelik II better we vist UNSCO when the real documents alive.
Our illusions is the power of colonist dispute African mind
Don't forget Ethiopia was the only country fight colonist in each African countries. Try to find any African countries during there colonial time who was behind them

Jun 29, 2016
Africans Love Colonaizism!
by: Anonymous

There was a time we called "African superior or black supremacy " those cultures lost by internal conflicts lack political anticipation favored colonist to intercept in to it's inheritance. It was an Ethiopia but the time is gone
The land of habash is not only in the central high land, sudan nations wittiness "hard habasha" somalian knows very well the history of habash meaning Abraha ashen the ascenotory of ibna amir .
This all history has gone but I am writing you to make clear that Ethiopian never claims expansions but claims segregation created by colonaizist.all Africans in limbo don't want claims colonaizism while 40%African economy flows to wester. Africa remain loves colonial repression.
Empire menelik was fight colonial power no needs argument for it's success. Mother of Abraham Lincoln was an Ethiopia women who facilities the connection with Ethiopia struggling for equality and human libation.
Menelik II stop slavery ,librate humanity for all mankind. The same that Abraham Lincoln done in American.
Those who remain claims Emperor menelik are a mamluks of slavery remain loves colonaizism

Jun 29, 2016
A Lot of History Was Written Decisively!
by: Khalid

.. and exclusively to serve the Ethiopian emperors. The claims that surrounded Menelik II are all illusion, even when he kneeled down in front of Yohannes IV with a rock on his shoulders. Where's Menelik I?

The myths are never true. They are the seeds of the illusion.

Who is Kush?

Kush is not only Ethiopian. It is Eritrean, Somali and Sudanese.

Even before the existence of Ethiopia in the late 19th century and exactly after the adoption of the western power to Ras Teffery as (Haile Selassie) and the making of emperor Haile Selassie, the land was called Habasha. The Habesha has only been in the central heights before expanding to conquer and annex other nationalities (Afar, Oromo, Somalis).

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Jun 28, 2016
Ancient History Can't Be Illusions!
by: Anonymous

Politics should based on history to run convincingly among the nations, otherwise it is a fake challenging the future generation.
The claims of Ethiopia is not an illusions,it was the history in the past and in the current rolling in the Horn of African.The current uphold modernizid /colonial system swelling ethnicity damaged generation. All country in the horn of African in turmoil ,hopeless generation due to adoption of colonial assumptions as an accurate social service. This indicates that how many horn of African leaders cowardly brain washed and
Thinking against the ancient historyas illusory.
Of course you may right on the other hand when we think of power that without power the true claims are illusions

Jun 28, 2016
The Ethiopian Illusion!
by: Khalid

Nothing worth thinking of false claims in any written material or sometimes orals, such as myths. Myths are reversal to actualities and realities, as they build the illusionary view of things that never happened that way.

This is the illusion of Ethiopia... and the bad news is that it depends on the illusion to conquer other population and expand towards whatever the imperial mentality leading the political system wants. They did that through history and they are still doing it in this new age.

In the past the world imperial powers has helped Ethiopia be independent because of the same religion to expand and conquer other people to build the empire. This in the vision of the new revolutionary leaders, who are (as claimed during the struggle time when the TPLF is leading with the EPLF) communists, shouldn't be the same desire for those leaders to drive the history backwards.

The illusion shouldn't be reality. It is only illusion. But, the leaders of Ethiopia proved that they depend on it and even pull it from its ears to make it factual and reality.

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