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May 08, 2010
Refer to Sudanese Political Issues in HOA's Network!
by: Admin

Thanks Osman,

I have re-edited your entry adding some explanations to some paragraphs on it that focus on some keywords. However, I have not changed the original entry.

Please look at it again and send me an email if you wanted to change something. I will be pleased to add it for you. Nevertheless, adding comments to it, is important than this.

Keep your entries growing and invite your friends to comment. You will build good pages in this network.

Your points are just like those I wrote at the Sudanese Sectarian Parties, Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes and Democracy in Sudan.

Well, here is how to organize posting comments by referring to some pages that explain more about what you were talking about.

When you see more information about a point in your post refer to it by adding the link to that information. You will connect the pages this way and help readers reach good references.

Thank you a lot.

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