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Apr 08, 2013
Marriage in Tigray!
by: Anonymous

I am researching on African marriage traditions; In the Tigray culture do bridegroom pay any of the following as bride price:

  1. Cash

  2. Cows or

  3. Gold

* Please, write your answers in details, when you reply to these questions.

Jun 15, 2010
I am Glad to Be a Servant for the Horn of African People!
by: Admin

Thank you, Selamawi. Now we blow the anthem of our biggest dream. The anthem as you know has taken action in this network and we want to be the servants of the people in the Horn of Africa.

Let us connect the difficult dots and be united. Believe me, since the great world beyond our borders united, that means the biggest and vital task that we should achieve is to build our strong unity, with respect to all nationalities. This is not the time to raise tribalism. All the tribes will melt in the future in the national anthem.

No one that has a conscience will be happy of the destruction in Somalia and elsewhere in our beloved Horn of Africa. We are one people and there is no way for tribalism, mad religious phobias, mad military juntas and fundamentalism to destroy our dreams.

Jun 15, 2010
Keep Your Love, but More Appropriate if You Can Say, " I Love Ethiopia"
by: Selamawi

It is not surprising for someone to love his country, but sometimes it is not advisable to think at the province level, as it can sometimes lead to misunderstanding to the other provinces and raise racial bias. Keep loving Tigray, yet it is better if you can love Ethiopia as well, entirely.

In the Eritrean case, we love Eritrea and there are no more threads beyond that, which say I love Maekel or Debub or Gash Barka. Loving one province alone sometimes create gaps with the other nationalities. I hope the way I tried to bring my thoughts from our perspective is easy to understand.

Else, let us love also our region and create harmony in our region... thus, this harmony will further stabilize the continent. Just let us see things from that bigger perspective and unite to one another.

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May 22, 2010
Will You Write More about Axum!
by: Admin

Thanks for your entry replying to the first comment on Enkidu Debaba's page. I hope you have also read my entry and understood it right to avoid chaotic feelings.

It is useful to write comments and reply to comments using your name, or nickname. It is important to enter your email address to follow replies to your comments. Your email will always be secure and we will not publish or share it.

I hope also that you write more about Axum. It could be very useful if you wrote about Axum as a place at Any Beautiful City. When you do that, please upload a beautiful picture of the place. No politics there, please.

May 22, 2010
Do You Love Only Tigray?
by: Anonymous

Tigray is one of the states of Ethiopia. All Ethiopians, Oromo Amara, Gurage, and Tigray -- all the tribes of Ethiopia love each other and they love Tigray. I do not understand exactly why you are in doubt!

Tigray is one of ancient historical places in Ethiopia. Axum is one of the important places that all Ethiopians love. Axum was Ethiopian city where many kingdoms were duelling in that place.

This means not only the Tigray people who have established Axum. The Kushite kingdom and habitants established it, during that era the habitants were Agawo, Amara Oromo tribes.

In one country, it is difficult to separate the adventure of each tribe. So that should be considered as the history for the whole country

Unfortunately, tribal based political parties occupy Tigray for 20 years, repressing and challenging the citizens to break apart in small pieces. If you were Ethiopian, you must love both Tigray and Ethiopia.

May 21, 2010
We Love Tigray too!
by: Admin

We also love Tigray as we love any other soil in our Horn of Africa and we will not let anybody write against any people in this blog. So, take it easy. There is no problem here. The problem is only in the politics.

We have measures for the freedom of speech that people cannot find in their countries to express their political views. We respect citizen journalism and we respect the political views of others.

Understanding is very important to make sure that no one hates any people in the Horn of Africa. The article written by Enkidu Debaba highlights politics and that is his opinion about the political development in Ethiopia.

You can discuss with him on this page rationally and please either write in clear English, or use your native language alphabetically in (Gi'iz / Ge'ez letters). That means in Tigrinya letters.

The article discusses that we should make political plans for the entire country and build national unity instead of creating tribal factions to destroy the unity of the country.

This blog takes the mission to call for strong national unities inside every country first and then spread this unity to gather the people in the Horn of Africa in strong confederation.

Read the lines correct to understand people correct. Everybody can write his political views here. As you see, we published your lines and we wish that people respect others and write carefully to help other people understand correctly, what is going on in politics.

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