Sudanese Political Caricature!

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Sudanese Caricature 1

Sudanese Caricature 1

Sudanese Caricature 1
Sudanese Caricature 2
Sudanese Caricature 3
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The caricature in Sudan has strong collective expressions in the political, economical, cultural and social life in Sudan.

In politics, it speaks the collective sense of the people and demonstrates their willingness to address some bad political, economical and cultural situations, in addition to other related grievances.

One Sudanese political caricature has critical meanings when it comes to the way the dictatorial regime rules in Sudan and insists in worsening the political situations in the country.

This regime acts continuously since 21 years not as a chauvinist, but as a contemptible predatory system in the world while pretending Islam by wearing Islamic gown.

It is enough for such gown! We are tired of it!

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