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Jan 26, 2010
Sudanese People Are Nice Simple People!
by: Ahmed Onor

Sudanese people are just like any other people, although they are well known as revolutionary people during the sixties and the eighties. They broke in strong revolution in 1964 and another uprising that the military switched to false democracy in 1985.

The Islamic National Front (NIF) paid the Prime Minister of the following interim government and the leader of the army salvation group that embarked the uprising in April 1985 claiming that they wanted to save the blood of the people, by forming interim government to return the civilian government through general elections.

The NIF won the elections to be the third political power in the Parliament although the party led some periods of the second dictatorial regime and implemented the Sharia laws during the period of the military dictator Jafar al Numeri. Although they are the third party in power in the Parliament, they made the coup through the army led by Omar al Bashir in 1989.

Simply the Sudanese people have not forgotten these facts. However, through the deterioration that lasted in the country since 1956, and through continuous military coups and uprisings, the people fed up and life conditions were getting hard.

The Sudanese people have sacrificed for long to achieve civilized, united and democratic state, in spite of the fact that both of the sectarian powers and the military powers worked hard since the day Sudan became independent to spread unawareness and loyalties through different attempts like making hard economical situations and developing some kinds of political illiteracy among the people.

The Capital played the principal role in the policies of the sectarian parties and the military dictatorial powers. They used it to strengthen their rule and to fund armies of loyal ignorant people to defend them by the name of the religion or by the name of the sect.

We cannot blame the people for the hard situations they face until this moment. Even if they fed up, there should be continuous hard work to mobilize them to take leads in changing this bad situation in Sudan.

Thank you comrade for this enlightenment. The people are always great. I encourage you to write more in depth political analyses to the political events in Sudan.

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