To Defend Eritrea!

by Alemseged Makonnen
(N. America )

Please post the two videos if you think they are serious enough to

be posted

To defend Eritrea from the onslaught of lies of the empire and its surrogate.

THANK YOU and greetings Alemseged. Long time.

But, you should write something here enough to keep this page up. I am not against posting to anyone. We'll open them into discussion. TO DO THIS either click on the comments link at the bottom, or use any form on the Eritrean pages.

Traitors are always the same and will never win anything. No one has the rights (international power, or not) to demand a sovereign state to deal with traitors.

Were those whom Khalid Osman once warned you and said you are blowing balloons and they will explode on your face in the future?

Waiting more logical inputs into this page. If not, it will be deleted completely.

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