North African Revolution!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

The Middle East and North African nations continue their revolt against their oppressors, who are real dictators with desires to rule by fire and iron.

Surprisingly, they never learn the lesson and are unwilling to hear their people saying (we do not want you) until the people prove that they are strong and determinant to throw them where they belong in history.

One way or another, dictators have no chances to persist, as we learn from history. They should be the first to know this. Where their minds are?

It is greatly disappointing that great people destruct their own countries without knowing were to go when they were embraced by the deaf people in power.

We fight the dictators that remain a bridge for colonialism, but unfortunately, many dictators never sympathize for their innocent people and continue killing their countries thinking that they gain personal benefits and doing like "the donkey once said, as I die the grass must dry".

The Libyan condition is one of that.

The important thing is that, when we stand for a revolution, what is the ideology we are going to substitute it in place? Is it capitalism, monopolism, socialism or communism?

What is the most important to our country from different ways and shapes of ruling including democracy, ethnic federalism and the justification of religious idealism?

It is good to washout all the dictators who are acting above the human laws, but we must digest the ideology we want to apply.

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