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Jun 11, 2009
The Message Gets to UNHCR in Geneva!
by: Khalid Osman

HOA's Political Scene submitted a report about the Eritrean refugees in Libya to the UNHCR and other human rights organizations to observe and solve the problems! The information about the hard situations of the Eritrean refugees in Libya is now in the hand of those international human rights organizations.

HOA's Political Scene will continue supporting those people who feel their human rights are abused at home or in any other country in the world. Our humanitarian mission will always continue to be vital and we align ourselves and stand by the side of those people who live in misery and disarray.

If you feel that the authorities in your homeland or abroad infringe one of your human rights, feel free to use one of the forms in HOA's Political Scene to write about it in details. Just locate your country in this website and see forms there. If you cannot see your country in the categories of HOA?s Political Scene, you can still be in position to submit human rights abuses report and we will bring it up to the concerned directions.

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