South East Party Leader!

by Armz



مالك عقار

He's the mane leader of the new conflicts in that part of Sudan

* If you cannot write in English, write in Arabic.

* What did you mean by South East Party Leader?

* Will you please write more about the two characters and the problem, so we could understand what you tried to convey.

Did you mean mane, or main?

What did you mean by conflicts?

How did you come to know that he is the mane, or main (I really don't know) leader of the new conflicts in that part of Sudan?

What part of Sudan, did you mean?

Do you know more facts about this issue?

It is always better to write in details about the issue.

It is also better to write a contact information to discuss such things with you and know you better. At this point your contact info is always secure on this network and will never be published.

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