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Dear, Take Care, Coronavirus Variants Breed!
December 12, 2021

HOA Political Scene Notes 26!

HOA Political Scene Notes 26! Published on December 12, 2021.

Dear, I hope that you and your family are in good health, happy and enjoying life.

This is a regular notification to update you about the publication of many mew dynamic pages. The new pages are at: Australia Cracks Down on Freedom of Speech and Coronavirus Variants Breed

It also lets you know that great deal of development is running in the Horn Africa's Network at HOA Political Scene Blog to save you and other people from dangerous consequences. I have explained such matter in the Global Dynamics sections of the network.

If you are familiar with the network by keeping visiting it you will notice this development. If you are engaged in some serious matters like making a living, think of how could someone make a living, while his entire life is threaten by dangerous matters.

Seriously, I noticed that some people in my list and some groups just don't get it and other some are just careless. This is indicated by the lost I have in the newsletter list. As about 61 readers have unsubscribed.

If you feel that you don't have any interest to read about all of the world problems (and of course, not only the Horn of Africa), you can unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link at the end of this notification.

I will explain this in a moment, while talking about the serious development in the network that aims to save you and other people in the world from such dangerous issues, dear.

The development has in fact a historical background that started by observing the changes in our world, which definitely have proved to be bad and the impacts of these changes are still streaming serious health problems and endangering our lives on this planet called EARTH.

You will know this if you have already heard about the increase of affected people by Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Through the history of the development of the network, you will learn about these dangerous issues, which are caused by bad changes in world politics.

No one knows the real causes of this pandemic, which I have exposed and explained why and how it spread. See the first linked page about this disease and continue at Coronavirus Conspiracy.

The history of these bad changes, which have been serious to me, since the late of the eighties has moved me to work to solve one of them during the ninetieth, which is global warming, by establishing environmental projects to decrease the impacts of climate change by the name of the Eritrean martyr's Tree.

The projects were successfully implemented to result in planting more than 5,000,000 martyr's tree in Eritrea during the first years of the nineties, just after the independence of Eritrea in 1991.

Unfortunately the people including even those nice people who have participated in the programs were mostly interested in celebrating the martyrs of the Eritrean revolution, although I mentioned in the first media broadcast that the goals included the environment too and explained that in some articles I published in the official newspaper, while implementing the different phases of the program.

I continued to explain the causes of the bad changes that happened in the world during the eightieth, starting from the destruction of the balance of global political system and the global balance of the ecosystem, which has caused global warming. Climate change has started to escalate simultaneously with the rise of political conflicts and the rise and escalation of international terrorism.

That means to a wise man that the bad changes have happened environmentally and politically. In fact the bad political changes have caused the bad environmental changes, which have followed by pandemics, to make our lives even worse.

After some years, these bad changes have become the focus of the network tracing the historical development of the Dynamic Ideas I started with during the eightieth to find solutions to all of these bad changes and save you dear and the people of the world.

If the matter after all of these efforts of focusing my life for your safety is not a concern to you, then I don't have anything to say, rather than only wishing to open your mind and soul to absorb the complete analyses of these bad changes, which have impacted the global balance of the world's political system and the global balance of the world's ecosystem.

No one has ever talked about these things in depth before I did. You will not have any wonder about this, as long as you come to know, when you read the sections of the Global Dynamics. You will know the causes and the causers of these bad changes. Not only that, but you will know the solutions to all the problems of the world, which are included in the LPE of the Masses' Era.

With respect and love to you and yours, dear.

Check the sections of the Global Dynamics in different languages, which are always updated on the HOA Political Scene Blog.

Thank you.


To make a difference, you need to change the way you look into some serious matters in your life. You also must be active to work with sincere people who are destined to take great tasks.

To do this, you should have the mindset to read the Global Dynamics, regularly one by one. Make the blog page your home in the browser.

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