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Hi dear, How Can Ethical Journalism Empower You?
February 17, 2024

Intelligentsia Notes 29!

My greetings and thanks to you dear, as a valued loyal reader. I appreciate your loyalty. I would like to have this opportunity to welcome a number of new readers to Intelligentsia Newspaper, who signed up from @womenwhomisusefeminism1855, @khalidmohammedosman2801. LinkedIn and elsewhere.

Thank you for having faith on me and I am obliged as a veteran activist and journalist who cares about ethical journalism to adhere to the principles of the people's ethical journalism, a matter that I have given my life to it since more than 50 years, to make this world better.

Did the subject matter raise an exclamation in your mind?

How Can My Ethical Journalism Empower You?

The answer comes into 2 portions of an equation. The first goes through the importance to know about the harmony between you, me, the people you care about & the universe! This was the issue I wrote about to you on Intelligentsia Notes 28. Remember?

If you have missed that edition for any reason, please get to it through the provided link to connect the lines between that edition and this one. Thanks for being focused.

The harmony is in the combination of valuable ideas that have sprung from long observation to the changes that have happened to the world from the late eighties until now. You are an asset and the relation between you and the other assets is an equation in the preservation of the global ecological balance created with the universe.

The question you may be asking yourself now is who is the trustworthy one to over you incredibly precise facts and ideas about everything that has gone wrong in the world since the late eighties?

This is what you get from Intelligentsia 58 Opens Your Mind into the Late Eighties Up to Now. This is the edition I have published few minutes ago and this is also a notification to you, to follow the link to read the Intellectual Elite's Newspaper of Intelligentsia.


By saying ethical journalism I mean the press, whether offline or online that belongs to the masses of the world. There is not any ethical journalism like this that belongs to the people of the world, really. So, don't believe in any other claims about ethical journalism by some of the press owners. They either belong to capitalist authorities, capitalist companies, or other governments, militaries, political parties, religious groups and security agencies.

The Intelligentsia Notes 29 focus on these issues. Loyal readers know that already, but this is only meant for the new valued readers, especially those who signed up from @womenwhomisusefeminism1855 and @khalidmohammedosman2801. The first is a channel to fight white slaves and get you walking tours in some places with tips on how to travel cheaper and where to find cheap hotels, caf├ęs and restaurants. I know this is a complex, I don't have to make, but I don't mind to make, because I have discovered the white slave issue, which is a capitalist industry (metaphorically), during these walking tours.

The second prepares readers through a revolutionary education to setup a real worldwide peaceful revolution to address the crises of the world and save it. The peaceful revolution is the movement of the people. But, it is not like that movement of the people, which Bob Marley sang for. His calling was fake and the followers were and are still blind. How could a person calling for such movement support a bloody authoritarian monarchy like Haile Selassie?

Memorize the elements I mentioned on Notes 28?

On Intelligentsia Notes 28 you knew about the harmony between you, me, your friends and the universe and got the insights to develop this harmony. Here, you will recognize the necessity of how to get from the individual situation to the public situation. You know that nothing happens in any area, until something moves. Right? When you move better, the better the universe moves.

Getting from the individual situation to the public situation makes this move towards enhancing the universe by improvement. So, you know that you will not need to concentrate on yourself only, especially when some "stupid" elements face the universe and impose it to many risks. These elements are the same capitalists powers that always teach you to focus on yourself and encourage you to focus on only one thing and that's to be rich, no matter what.

If you looked around, you will see some phenomena of these dangerous elements that tend first to engage you in some selfish matters, some personal interests for riches, some ways of excessive entertainments and some other ways of manipulation. All of these acts contribute to the selfishness and superficiality of the world and makes our world shallow.

If you still memorise the events of political history, you will exactly see how the humanitarian situations had been very bad during the "ending" of the Cold War Era, and how the process of ending the Cold War Era has resulted in the displacement, the killing and the refuge status of millions of people from the Eastern Bloc.

Islamic powers in the Middle East and the Arabic peninsula have contributed to that situation with the international capitalism, a process that still leads those conspirators to work together again in the scheme of what's called international terrorism in Yemen, they themselves have created in Afghanistan, during their cooperations to end the Cold War Era. They recruited in this process mercenaries from the Janjaweed of Sudan "Darfur", who are wanted by the HUGE and who are still waging wars in Sudan.

Have a mind?

Of course, you have. Yours I think is a big one. What about your friends? If they have these big minds, that will be very good. If they didn't, then you have a great job to do to improve their thinking capabilities. You will need them to maintain the thinking harmony between you and them. I put this easier for you through a comprehensive process in the Action Guide, which will lead you to maintain the harmony between you, them and thus the universe.

What You Need to Address These Bad Situations are the Global Dynamics and Their Action Guide!


To make a difference, you need to change the way you look into some serious matters in your life. You also must be active to work with sincere people who are destined to take great tasks.

To do this, you should have the mindset to read the sections of the Global Dynamics, regularly one by one. Make the blog page your home in the browser.

Watch the videos of the international revolution on the dynamic pages, comment, like, share and subscribe. Thanks.

Intelligentsia Multimedia E-Newspaper

The Voice of HOA & The World

Editor-in-chief (EIC),
Khalid Mohammed Osman

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