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Dear, Are You One the Word's Intelligentsia? See How You Could Improve
September 21, 2022
Hi dear,

Intelligentsia notes 27!

Dear, I hope you're okay and all your loved ones are okay too. I also hope that you will all remain safe and steadfast in these hard conditions that we all suffer from, because of the following:

  • bad climate, with rising temperatures caused by irrational policies accompanied by...
  • coronavirus pandemic, caused by free economies and free market policies that have opened the gate for the carriers of the disease,
  • economic difficulties, caused by the same irrational economic policies of the New World Order,
  • instability in many places in the world, caused by military's, political and religious conflicts and...
  • the advance of the conspiracy of international terrorism.

To cross examine multilevel governmental problems and see emergencies governments lack look at the most emerging problems in the following list:

  • Climate, that is a global warming problem caused by big industries.
  • Economy, that is continuing to shrink by privatization & domination of the capital.
  • Education, that is oriented primarily local and towards developing shallowness of minds.
  • Healthcare, that is becoming costly, also by privatizing public hospitals, or by opening more in private sector and the creation of pandemics.
  • Industrialization, that is getting into privatization and accelerating militarily race to impose power.
  • International and national safety and security, that are threaten by international terrorism and political conflicts.
  • International terrorism, that was created during the operations to dismantle the USSR, fragment it into pieces with other socialist states in east Europe and is still working as a cat's claw to serve capitalist powers to interfere in other states in the world.
  • Trust in governments, that is lost during decades and until this moment after the collapse of the Cold War Era... and it is also resulted from non-obligation of governments to their voters.
  • Trust between governments, that is resulting from different cultures, ideologies and thus economical, military and political interests.

You will not find any analyzing like this anywhere and that is simply because, no one has lived my life with many decision makers in many states in the world, have created ecological projects, wrote legal pleas for them in regional organization, translated a labor protocol and drafted new articles, or changed wrong articles and gathered millions of people unconventionally using invented methodological mechanisms for mass-gathering.

Well, I am always saying governments have not come with serious solutions. Instead of finding solutions to these global catastrophes, governments manipulate with their politics and fail to reach multilateral resolutions to world's problems through arranged resolution plans with each other. Perhaps, you know that is, because of disagreement between governments. I agree with you.

However, the thing to know here is that the "New World Order", which has been created as an era to replace the "Cold War Era", after the operations that targeted communism during the late eightieth to resolve the Socialist Eastern Bloc appear to be new world disorder.

Capitalism powers, which have led these operations to destruct the global balance of political powers, that has kept the world in balance between these two big powers are failed to make this era a new world order. The proofs are in the crises we suffer from.

All of these global catastrophes have resolutions no one has ever thought of scientifically and sensibly to save and develop every asset of prosperity on this planet. You are an asset of any human development. So, am I. Anything that affects you affects me, as well, as we are combined human race and because we are combined we care of each other.

For this reason, I have been working for these scientific solutions for so many years and experimenting with them through some of the humanitarian and political projects I have done immediately after the "ending" of the Cold War Era and I am still developing to transform them more from regional to global.

You will see evidentially the development of this life-time work and the ways through which you will achieve a marvellous job for yourself and humanity, when you keep connecting with the HOA Political Scene Network.

This is your newsletter note number 27 and I would like to let you know that I have changed the name of the newsletter form the HOA Political Scene Newsletter to intelligentsia. Since you read the last edition of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter 55, so now you will find the edition of intelligentsia 56 here to read it on the website. It will take you all the way to be happy, more safe, protected and progressed. I hope you enjoy it.


To make a difference, you need to change the way you look into some serious matters in your life. You also must be active to work with sincere people who are destined to take great tasks.

To do this, you should have the mindset to read the sections of the Global Dynamics, regularly one by one. Make the blog page your home in the browser.

Watch the videos of the international revolution on the dynamic pages, comment, like, share and subscribe. Thanks.

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Editor-in-chief (EIC),
Khalid Mohammed Osman

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